NatWest SE100 index represents the ‘Top 100’ social enterprises from all applicants based on a variety of criteria, with points awarded based on the seven awards (growth, impact, leadership, etc).

9 best plastic-free teabags

Most teabags contain plastic – who knew? About 96 per cent of teabags are made with polypropylene – a synthetic resin – which is added during the sealing process.

Fortunately, there's such a thing as plastic-free teabags – and we've found some of the best.

NEMI Teas - Winner of Business in the Community's Unipart Outstanding Employment Award 2019 - Small Company.

NEMI Teas told an inspiring story of their approach and ethos, and a product that has great social value. Their story can inspire other businesses and change perspectives on refugees, showing them to be a valuable talent pool for businesses" - John Neill CBE, Group Chief Executive and Chairman, Unipart

Hiring refugees: 'we have an amazing wealth of talent on our hands'

Finding work as a migrant comes with huge challenges, even for the highly skilled – but there are entrepreneurs offering a lifeline.

NEMI is a London-based tea company offering a variety of whole leaf tea blends – both loose tea and in biodegradable tea pyramids – along with a chai syrup.

We are strong believers in creating positive change through business, and provide employment to refugees to help them better integrate in the UK.


Food and Drink Federation announces 2018 award winners

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Awards 2018, held at The Royal Lancaster, London, brought together over 500 guests to celebrate the food and drink manufacturing industry’s contribution to the UK.

Small Business Saturday 100 announced

A hula hoop workshop and an award-winning children’s book are among the firms that will be championed in the run-up to this year’s event. 


Tea That’s Empowering Refugees with Pranav Chopra from NEMI

Pranav Chopra is the founder and CEO of NEMI, a tea brand that’s providing support, skills and employment for refugees in the UK. Their brand is growing strong and making a real impact in the lives of their staff and customers. Learn how NEMI is unlocking huge growth opportunities in food service and catering as well as using business as a force for good.


The champions of the New Producer Awards 2018


Driven by the desire to address social issues surrounding refugees, founder Pranav Chopra turned to tea for the solution. Based in London, this impact-driven company offers a range of whole leaf tea blends, available both loose leaf and in eco-friendly biodegradable tea pyramids, as well as a Chai Syrup that can be used as the basis for a range of drinks from iced teas to chai cocktails.

NEMI Tea: Empowering refugees through employment

A UK based tea company inspired by Indian tradition, sustainability runs through the heart of NEMI.

NEMI Tea: Empowering Refugees One Chai At A Time

Social enterprise, NEMI Teas, is giving refugees the opportunity to focus on rebuilding their lives by creating employment through selling chai tea in London. The social purpose business aims to tackle the issue of unemployment for refugees by scaling their social enterprise into a franchise model of stalls run/owned by refugees across both London and Europe.

Q&A: Pranav Chopra of NEMI on using tea to help refugees

Launched in 2016, Nemi is a social purpose business focused on rebuilding refugee lives by creating employment opportunities through selling Indian specialist tea across the UK and beyond.

5-minute guide to plastic free tea

Off the back of widespread realisation we are drowning in single use plastic and microplastic particles are everywhere, tea lovers have been dismayed recently to discover that many traditional teabags contain small amounts of plastic, called polypropylene, often used in heat sealing methods in teabag production.

This Indian Man Has Set Up Tea Stalls In London To Help Unemployed Refugees Find Work

A London-based tea business started by an Indian is helping refugees find jobs in the UK, with a little help from masala chai.

This desi helps refugees, one masala chai at a time

Pranav Chopra is not just making Indian-style tea more popular in London, he is also giving jobs to unemployed refugees.

Empowering refugees one chai at a time

The bonding process that happens when drinking tea, be it with your friends or strangers, is where the idea behind Chaigaram was born.

By selling high-quality fair trade traditional Indian chai, the team behind this tea-impassioned business want to bring people together in the spirit of creating a borderless society.

Making Masala Chai

There is a nostalgic feeling in the aromas of our homelands. Chaigaram, named for a Hindu phrase meaning, “hot tea,” is a fair-trade social purpose business based in the U.K. that is dedicated to providing both high-quality tea and gainful employment for refugees who have traveled far from home in search of safety.


Building a business around refugees seeking that first job

India-born founder’s tea venture gives migrants a leg up.

A chance conversation at a restaurant with a group of refugees in North London brought home to entrepreneur Pranav Chopra, how having one’s asylum claim accepted was far from the end of the difficult journey for many who had come to Britain seeking refuge.

UK Tea Company Helps Empower Refugees

NEMI, a social business that empowers refugees in dealing with UK employers and provides them with a sense of integration into their new homes through employment opportunities


The U.K.’s Refugee Integration Curse

The recent conflict in Syria, and across other countries in the world, has created an influx of refugees who are allocated new homes in the European Union and specifically in the United Kingdom. The increased numbers have challenged countries to provide sufficient support to help these refugees integrate and assimilate. 

Is London doing what it can to empower refugees: East LDN meets NEMI to find out

One brand set to change the status quo is NEMI. By employing refugees and paying above the London Living Wage, they are providing financial empowerment. Anuj Dhanak, the Sales Director, explains his story and why he’s so passionate to help refugees.

Heathrow kickstarts exporting ambitions of 20 SMEs with ‘World of Opportunity Programme’

For the second year, Heathrow has partnered with the Department for International Trade ‘Exporting is GREAT Campaign’ to fund 20 SME’s exporting ambitions. These include outstanding companies that support refugee learning programmes, gourmet crisp producers and a family run cycling business.

Indian tea stall helps London refugees find jobs

Chaigaram is a new social enterprise helping refugees find employment, learn English and gain confidence by selling Indian chai tea at market stalls across the capital. 

How Green is your Tea?

Stick the kettle on, have a brew, meet for a cuppa and a catch up: tea drinking is an important part of daily life. But while a cup of tea often symbolises a pause for reflection, how often do our musings turn to the tea itself? Questions to ask include: Is the tea fair-trade? Is the packaging plastic-free? Does the company have a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical practices?