The Art of Brewing Chai at Home

Chai time

The pot is bubbling. Hot steam is escaping through the nostril of the kettle. A gurgling sound tells you it's time. Tea time.

Whether it’s part of your morning routine, you’ve invited friends over for high tea, or you’re relaxing with a hot cup of chai during a movie night - making tea at home is a daily ritual most of us (especially in Britain) have adopted.

Nowadays, making tea is easy and convenient. Throw a teabag in cup, pour over hot water, add milk. You can do the same with chai. But don’t you find that tea made at home just can’t quite keep up with proper chai you have tasted at our stall or during your travels?

There is a real art to brewing chai at home. The proper way of brewing ensures that you achieve that authentic burst of flavour, the creamy, milky texture, and that blissful satisfaction in each sip. But how do you do it?

Don’t despair, we won’t leave you hanging! Our chai recipe has been passed down and developed from generation to generation. We make sure that you will be able to brew your tea just like the Chaiwallahs do on roadsides of Delhi.

Ram tossing up some chai at the local markets in Old Delhi, India.

Ram tossing up some chai at the local markets in Old Delhi, India.

What you need

  • Tea cup, strainer/infuser if preferred

  • One of our tea blends

  • Cold water

  • Milk (cow, soy, almond etc.)

Option 1: Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy...Just without the lemon

Place a teaspoon per person into a tea cup, add freshly drawn boiling water, and brew for five minutes. Add milk and sugar according to taste. You can use a strainer or infuser to avoid residual tea blend.

Option 2: Impress your Indian mother in law

Put four teaspoons of the blend into half a litre of boiling water and let it boil for five minutes. Add 250ml of milk and sweeten with sugar. If you prefer honey, add it at the very end. Bring it to a boil again and then take off heat and let sit for five minutes. Pour through a strainer and serve four cups of delicious chai.

Voila! Your perfect cup of chai.