At NEMI Teas, we only offer tea bags that are decomposable and compostable. With tea being one of the most popular drinks across the UK, each biodegradable bag matters. Here at NEMI Teas we pride ourselves on being impact driven and look to create positive change throughout all aspects of our business.

With the use of our biodegradable tea bags we hope to provide our customers with the best tasting tea at little cost to our environment. The biodegradable tea bags found at NEMI Teas will not alter the taste of your tea in the slightest - it will taste as heavenly as always!

English Breakfast teabag

What’s the material we use?
Our pyramid tea bags are made from soilon - a mesh material constructed from polylactic acid and derived from starch. Even the string and labels are both attached using ultrasound rather than glue! To read more about Soilon, click here

How to dispose of them?
In every day terms, you can dispose of them however you like. But the teabags will degrade quickest if you pop them in the compost heap.

How long does it take to biodegrade?
In compost, your teabags are going to have degrade within a month. In less favourable conditions, like water, you’re looking at around 6 months so make sure you stick it in the compost! And to those who’re wondering what it degrades to - our pyramid teabags convert to nothing but CO2 and water! Magic.

How can I assure I am getting a 100% biodegradable product?
The main component to this is to make sure that the company you are purchasing your tea from clearly states that their tea is biodegradable or plastic free. Products will usually have this on their packaging, blog or can be easily found on their websites. Likewise, if you dare, there’s a fun and easy way to check. Generally, organic matter burns. If you want to test if something is biodegradable, simply light it. If it burns, it’s biodegradable. If it melts, it’s plastic!